91st Communications Unit

From an album belonging to Supply Warrant Officer Noji Sadami (野地定美) of the 91st and 10th Communications Units.

Reference Number: S015001

Officers of the 91st Communications Unit in Songkhla, Thailand, January 3rd, 1942. From the left of the bottom row is Ensign Yamamoto (山本), Captain Narahashi Norimoto (楢橋憲基) (Unit Commander), Lieutenant Kishimoto (岸本), and Ensign Koda (甲田). From the left of the back row is Warrant Officer Kawai (河井), on the far right is Warrant Officer Kageyama (端景山), and the center is me (Warrant Officer Noji). Warrant Officer Ohiro (大広) is absent, as he was serving under Army Staff Officer Tsuji Masanobu (辻政信) for operational purposes.

Reference Number: S015002

On December 8th, 1941, we occupied Songkhla, Thailand, then moved to British Singapore on February 15th, 1942. My beard grew out during this time.

Reference Number: S015003

In Singapore, April 9th, 1942


On February 25th, 1942, the 91st Communications Unit was renamed to the 10th Communications Unit

Source: JACAR ref.C12070161100 Frame 1